Location of the Taj Mahal Agra IndiaThe shrine of love and romance, Taj Mahal is the marvel in white marble. It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site visited by thousands ever year. Travelers throughout the globe have hailed the elegance in architecture and supremacy of style. Location of Taj Mahal Agra had a strategic importance to Emperor Shah Jahan who could see it from his palace at Agra Fort. Today, the location is advantageous for tourist as well. There are several modes of communications and transportations from cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Gurgaon, and Noida.

How to reach Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal Agra is located within 6 km of the Agra City Center and accessible by auto rickshaw or taxi. By air, there are regular flight services to the city from Delhi and NCR. The railway stations close to the masterpiece are Agra Cantonment and Agra Fort Railway Station. From Agra Fort, it is a walking distance of 10-15 minutes.

Taj Mahal location
Location of Taj Mahal Agra is such that communication is never the problem with a tourist. When you have plans to tour Agra, the first stop is always Taj Mahal. The Agra Fort over looks the Taj Mahal situated on the banks of River Yamuna. When Shah Jahan commissioned the construction of the monument, the site was an embankment and a lush green garden. If you take the geographical location of Taj Mahal, it is northeastern part of the city.

The entire complex of the Taj has number of buildings, mosque, and a guesthouse. There is a beautiful walkway taking you to the monument of love. The Yamuna River though dries up in some parts of its route of flow still offers a grand ambience and cool winds during the afternoon. Standing on the backside of Taj Mahal, you can get some great scenic views.

Taj Mahal - Agra
Location of Taj Mahal Taj Mahal Trivia


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